Bharat Bandh: Protests by Dalits all over India

The nation is burning in the fire of violent protests and clashes done by the SC and ST groups across the nation. The Dalits called for the Bharat Bandh because of their disagreement and to protest against the dilution of the SC/ST act.

The Dalit community asked various educational institutions, transportation, and some organizations to halt their working for a day in order to support them. But this protest took over wrong turn right from the start which resulted in violence and killings of innocent citizens and a huge damage to public and private property is recorded by the sources.

This emerged when the NDA government went to the Supreme Court for a review of the SC and SC’s prevention of atrocities act which was aimed to preserve the Dalit community from various caste-based discrimination. The supreme court ordered to prohibit the public arrests of normal citizens and public servants without the written application from the high seeded authorities. The community is seeking special attention from the ministry of social justice and consider the decision of the supreme court and review it again.

In the states like Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, Delhi, and Jharkhand the effect of this Bandh can be seen due to the significant presence of the Dalit community. Many youths of the community raided the streets and local markets with hockey sticks, bats and rods to shut the markets and various commercial institutions forcefully. In Madhya Pradesh, at least 4 citizens are reported dead as a result of the protest till 12 noon.

This act led by the protesters has affected the mundane functioning of the cities and their institutions to a great extent. The violent protest has resulted in postponing of the CBSE board examinations in Punjab. Due to the shutdown, the internet services along with telecom have been hit. Railway routes, highways, and the intra city routes are also been blocked by the Dalit protesters. Apart from the interruption in the public and private sectors, 19 individuals are reportedly injured with the detainment of around 30 anti-social elements. In the critical areas of MP and Punjab, the internet services are put on a halt.

The Union Law Minister, Shri Ravisankar Prasad issued a statement which goes as: “I wish to convey that today we've filed a petition on the judgment by Supreme Court on the SC/ST act. We have filed a comprehensive review petition which will be presented before the court by the senior lawyers of the government”.

This revolt has also stroked political drama and various politicians from the opposition are blaming the ruling party. Rahul Gandhi pointed his blame toward RSS and BJP for this situation and tweeted: “On the one hand, atrocities against Dalits are increasing and, on the other, their biggest weapon against atrocities is being diluted."
The situation is getting worse in parts of MP and Punjab. In Gwalior (MP), the curfew has been imposed to gain the control over this critical situation.

Congress, the face of the opposition will perform a demonstration on 4th of April in the parliament to put forward their views and show the disagreement to the government.

The situation which emerged from the Bharat Bandh has now taken a complete twist and is in a critical phase. Here are some of the pictures which indicate the extent of the protest.

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