What you read is 100% a FACT! Delhi Government has come up with a much-appreciated scheme to save the accident victims. With over 25,000 road accidents in the year 2016, Delhi has witnessed many deaths due to delay in proper treatment of the victims. But now, there would be a slump in the deaths on roads as Delhi Government will reward you with Rs 2,000 if you take the victims of any road accident to the nearest hospital. 

The Government on Friday, declared it’s Good Samaritan Policy to encourage the people to take accident victims to a hospital. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia also said that “Along with a cash reward of Rs 2,000, the helper will also be honored with an Appreciation Certificate issued by Delhi Government.

Now, it’s not denying the fact that most of the people ignore the accident victims and refuse to take them to the hospital. But, with this scheme being implemented it will surely act as a game-changer and will stimulate the spectators to become the real hope for the victims. If this kind of incentive works as a motivator for the people then it is very much justified, as far as the safety of victims is concerned. Apart from the monetary incentives, the people who will help the victims are to be protected against any kind of harassment, in any way. And there will not be any legal obligation for the helper to comply with. With this strong and appreciable move, the status of Humanity remains "Alive and Well".

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