75th Anniversary of Kolkata’s infamous Howrah Bridge.

One of the most prized possessions of the state of West Bengal is Howrah Bridge. This bridge has been the most popular tourist attraction of Kolkata. Even after 75 years this bridge still stands strong in all its glory. The Howrah Bridge also is known as the Gateway to Kolkata has seen the society turn from bullock carts to now Luxury cars, but its strength and essence remain the same. The Howrah Bridge is one of India’s pioneering constructions, a behemoth much ahead of its time.


One interesting fact about The Howrah Bridge is that no nuts and bolts have been used in its construction. The steel fabrication has been riveted into place to hold the entire span of the bridge over river Hoogly.

One fact about this enormous monument is, during World War-II as many as 131 bombs were dropped on the 10th, 16th and 28th December 1942 and 17th and 23rd of January 1943, near the dock area where the bridge was being built.

 But today this majestic monument acts as the pride of our country, of the state West Bengal, till date if you ask the people of the city they will tell you that it is the symbol of love, a sight of majesty and a sense of belonging.

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