Brace your iPHONE and iPAD as this guy can unlock your device in a minute

Belonging to Kerala, India- Hemanth Joseph recently became the first programmer to hack Apple and bypass the security lock of the new APPLE iPAD and got us all awestruck.Hemanth just find out a bug in iOS 10.1 version. Let me tell you that hacking apple iPhones and iPads is not a walk in the park and only the person who locks it can only unlock it.



Solving the mystery how did he hacked the latest iOS.

1.He connected wifi with  other network and chose WPA2 enterprise where he got three options




2. After testing he got to know that there is no limit to type alphabets and entered around thousands of words and thought it may crash but the iPAD got freezed .

3. Noting this Hemanth quickly removed the magnetic cover and locked the device.

4. After unlocking the device crashed and reached to the iOS homescreen and then he bypassed the lock and took the full access to the device.

Clever? Indeed.

Btw this bug was fixed by apple only a month ago. cheeky


I just went to Joseph's Website and he is presently working as a Information Researcher in a company named Slash Secure parallely he is facilliated as a Commander in Kerala Police Cyberdome. He is the founder of India's first open security community 0SecCon. Hemanth is also listed in GOOGLE'S Hall of Fame and was rewarded 7500$ for finding a bug in Google Cloud.


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