Triton Hospitals: A step towards health

Triton Hospital in New Delhi, India is considered to be one of the best orthopedic hospital offering some of the top orthopedic surgery, complex orthopedic treatments and care for joint problems. They offer hip and knee replacement In South of Delhi performed by some of the best surgeons of India. Their experience and wide-ranging knowledge in orthopedics have actually helped them to grow in the best hip and knee replacement hospital in Delhi, India with the top orthopedic doctors. This hospital gives the best treatment for joint pains, sports injuries, or any common orthopedic problems.

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Triton Hospital is located on the outer ring road just opposite Nehru place that makes it close to south-east & west end of Delhi. They provide easy availability in special cases of emergency. The joint replacements have now become common, and offer the effective solution for the painful joints that are not manageable with conservative treatments. Department of Joint Replacement and Orthopedics at Triton Hospital has a wide range of ingenious treatments that cater to needs of patients, as well as aims at providing best treatments and services possible. Department has the team of best orthopedic surgeons that are well trained by the group of members from popular hospitals and universities.

Triton Hospital has two buildings in a total space of over 16000 sq foot. They have a wide range of rooms to cater to all people right from the general ward to luxury and specialized rooms. With comprehensive joint care, Triton Hospital helps to restore your mobility. They have well-equipped rooms and wards with the global standard facilities to treat any kind of condition. The orthopedic team generally works in the collaboration with imaging department that will help in right diagnosis and planning of the customized treatment. They aim at fast recovery and healthy living of patients. They have a team of qualified orthopedic specialists that can treat knee, hip, as well as joint problems.

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The innovative technology is now advancing the treatment of severe arthritis just by allowing the surgeons to stay more precise at time of surgery. By combining the accuracy of the computer design with the robotic capabilities, the knee replacement now can function more like the normal knee.

Patient outcomes also will result in natural knee motion as well as increased stability just after the surgery. The Triton Hospital provides innovative and customized treatment by using state of art technology and minimally invasive techniques like robotically‐assisted hip replacement, computer-assisted navigation, partial and total knee resurfacing.

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