By- Puja Bhatt

You might be aware of the word ‘stress’ and its effects on your eyes. Stress is generally ‘a distraction or reaction that causes your physical and mental body’. As our visual system is very sensitive to stress and tension. So, here are some of the symptoms that stress causes to your eyes.

1. Stress symptoms come rarely, but as it come reacts very frequently and you got an eye problem. It also seems like you’ve lost some peripheral vision.

2. While stress you might may feel problems with your vision and experience some unusually blurry and flashing lights without any reason.

3. Some stress symptoms are not noticeable but in case of eye problem the stress symptoms are more noticeable at the time of fatigue like- eye strain.

4. Seeing stars, shadows and ghosted images are such experiences that you might may experience during anxiety.

5. Stress which causes direct effect to your eyes also shows things out of the corner of your eyes that aren’t there.

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