Strength Training for Muscle Gain without Equipments

Nowadays, almost every person wants to have a fit and attractive body irrespective of the profession. Enthusiasts opt for memberships in gyms and spend a considerable amount of money and other resources. Still, there are some people who cannot avail going to the gym for strength training either because of the shortage of time or money. In this article, we will discuss how to workout to gain without equipment and how to workout at home. It is absolutely possible to bulk up at home and make your muscles more powerful.The only key for this is to exercise daily in the right manner and in-correct progressions.

Below are some muscle gain exercises for men/women which will help in strength training.


This workout is to be performed as a circuit. Proceed to the next exercise after doing the previous one for half a minute until all the twelve exercises done which will make one circuit. Try to manage three-four circuits.

2. Squats

A lower body gain workout at home. Try isometric squats, bodyweight squats, and squat jumps. Each one of the mentioned squats should be done for thirty seconds before moving on to the next one. This will help you in building the thigh muscles, back, and the lower body. Squats also strengthen the lower body once you start doing them in the correct manner.

3. Pushup Variations

Perform pushups with varied styles. Pushups will help in strengthening and bulking of the forearm muscles, chest, and the triceps. Pushups should be performed correctly because it is said that one correct pushup is equivalent to 10 pushups done incorrectly. Vary the distance between the palms of your hands to concentrate on different muscles (more distant the palms, more centric will be the affected area). Perform each of the following pushups for at least half a minute: Standard, plyometric pushups and try another kind of pushup by pausing for one second in the middle of the rep.

4. Pull-ups

To bulk up and strengthen your forearms and triceps, perform pull-ups. Try to lift your bodyweight by hanging and pulling your chest up to a bar hanging above your height. This is a sure shot way to build the chest and triceps muscles. Try to complete 10 repetitions without fatigue. When you will easily complete the reps, then stop at the top of the bar for around 5 seconds and release the hands. Try doing the same and increase the reps if you feel like. Second and the third step helps in upper body gain workout at home.

5. Planks

At the very last of the bodyweight training, workout planks. Hold on to each plank position for thirty – forty-five seconds and then change the style. Perform side planks (right plank, left plank), front plank and hip bridges. This will put more pressure on the muscles and breaks the fibers. By doing planks, one can observe an increase in the endurance and the fatigue strength of muscles.

The main motto behind such a vigorous workout is that it breaks the cross fibers present in muscles when an excessive load is applied to the target muscle. And when the muscle rebuilds itself, it increases in size, strengthens itself and bulks up. It is highly stressed that each of the steps should be performed perfectly for genuine results.

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