S-ICD: Protection without touching the heart

Much like the traditional  ICDs, subcutaneous implantable cardioverter defibrillators (S-ICDs) are used to treat patients who have experienced or are at risk for ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation  (life-threatening heart arrhythmias). These devices continuously monitor the heartbeat and automatically deliver a small electrical shock to the heart to convert a potentially lethal rhythm into one that will sustain life.

Unlike the transvenous ICDs, which utilize wire leads inserted directly into the heart through a large vein, the S-ICD system uses a subcutaneous (beneath the skin) electrode that rests near (but not in) the heart to both sense lethal heart arrhythmias and deliver therapy. The electric pulse generator is implanted just below the armpit.

The S-ICD device, which is about the size of a large box of raisins, is about twice as large as a traditional ICD, which makes some patients especially those who are very thin potentially ineligible. In addition, because the detection algorithm uses a virtual surface electrocardiogram, a small percentage of patients may not qualify for the device due to T-Wave over sensing. The S-ICD also does not have standard pacing support or the ability to deliver antiachycardia pacing, so it would not be offered to patients with symptomatic bradycardia or who have slow ventricular tachycardia . Dooctor Viveka has an exemplary knowledge about the S-ICD treatment and is somebody who is well aware with all the technological advances.

Dr. Viveka Kumar, a cardiologist who has performed more than 7,500 PTCA & Complex Interventions including Rotablation, Left Main stenting and Bifurcation stenting, among other procedures and has good experience in electrophysiology procedures, RF ablation, cryo-ablation, cool tip ablation, ICD, CRTs, pacemaker implantation, device/lead extraction, coronary and peripheral angioplasty, renal and carotid angioplasty, radial artery route angiograms, balloon valvotomy, etc.

His wide knowledge access and his familiarity with the new and upcoming technological advancements makes him a preferred doctor for S-ICD.His knowledge about High-end Implantable Devices is at par and one can get enlightened with the video below:


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