Ever wondered why people "Spit" while Smoking?? Here's why...

A large number of people today have become addicted to smoking and the worst part is that maximum of them are in their youth or teenage. The habit of smoking has slowly penetrated into the day to day habit of the people. Quitting smoking is another thing but do you know the small things that come with it leaving aside Cancer which isn’t that small? Have you ever noticed that people spit a lot while smoking? Have you ever thought about a WHY on this? Well, I have the answer for it and it does have a scientific involvement in the same. 

Smokers spit a lot because of two reasons and there are that firstly, some of the people at times don’t like the taste of their cigarette or whatever they are smoking. They at times feel as if it’s too bitter or whatever and hence they spit when they take a puff of their cigarette and the second reason is that there are certain excited hormones which get secreated while smoking which produces Saliva in a huge amount causing the smoker to spit it out. Hence, the main reason why people spit while smoking is just because of that excitement which they may not feel and may not be able to control. See Small things that happen with us may go unnoticed but every single of them have a reason, a scientific reason!

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