Doctor Witty Raina: An IVF specialist

Doctor Witty Raina is an exemplary obstetrician, laparoscopic gynae surgeon and IVF specialist. She is a doctor who has experience and works with utmost precision and dedication, currently operating in Gurgaon, she has gained high level training in MRCOG from London and of IVF from NUHS Singapore’ holding an experience of 22+ years she continues to serve women of all ages with precision and utmost care. Her humble personality makes her patient’s favorite and her knowledge makes hem comfortable enough to try out the treatments which the patients might have had doubts about. She purely understands that the needs of every woman’s health care which are different and her approach to women’s health focuses on personalized care which altogether plans to meet each woman’s changing needs throughout every stage of her life.

She is skilled in the field of Gynaecology, with high risk obstetrics, pregnancy disorders, in fertility, myomectomy tubal and ovarian surgeries and various other women issues. She is vastly popular for Pre-conceptional Counselling, holds sessions for women in Postnatal and lactation period, peri-menopausal and post-menopausal periods of women’s life.

She is motivated and highly skilled and has a good motivated and polite nature towards her patients. She also handles various projects related to women infertility, their empowerment in India as well as abroad. Dr. Raina is an expert in Minimal Access Surgery in Gynaecological Vaginal Surgery and High Risk Pregnancy.

She provides comprehensive treatment in the IVF, which is nowadays very popular method for all those women who are not able to conceive and face problems while pregnancy, women with such problems seek solutions everywhere they can and Doctor Witty Raina provides some of the most comprehensive solutions which make them confident and also make them feel empowered again.

Doctor Witty Raina, is a humble personality who has dedicated her life to the needs of women who needs help.

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