Amazing health benefits of Oranges

Oranges (Scientifically known as: Citrus sinensis)are round citrus fruits with finely-textured skins that are, of course, orange in color just like their pulpy flesh; Oranges are one of excellent sources of vitamin C, they are low in calories, contains minerals, fibers for normal growth and developmentBesides, they carry health benefiting phytonutrients like Hesperetin, naringin, and naringenin; a group of flavonoid compounds found in citrus fruits.

Now, lets have a look how oranges can prove to be salubrious for our health.

Oranges have rich citrus lemonades which help in preventing from skin, lung, breast, stomach and liver cancer.

One orange is enough to provide 7% of the daily requirement of potassium to the body.

Oranges are excellently effective in healing of cuts and injuries and being a rich vitamin C source it is used to clear, detoxify and tone the skin better and have found wide use in skincare products.

The carotenoid compound found in oranges converts into vitamin A and help prevent the macular degeneration.

Since oranges are full of fiber, they help in reducing the cholesterol levels, enhancing the immune system treating diarrhea, and healing ulcers.

Eat lots of Oranges to support a Healthy Immune System.

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