Salman Khan Upset With The Makers of Bigg Boss. Here's The Reason Why

 Salman Khan has become an indispensible part of BIgg Boss and we can never imagine it without him. After 7 years of association with the show, his attachment and bond with the contestants and the show is very special. In spite of this attachment, the behaviour of the makers of the show has made Salman very upset.

As per reports, Salman had sent home-made for the contestants of the Bigg Boss House and this gesture was ignored by the makers as they did not deliver the food to the contestants. Salman trusted the makers and this act by the makers has hurt his sentiments as he never expected such a thing to happen.

Salman came to know about this when he asked the contestants about the food and whether they liked it or not. The contestants had no clue about this and the confused looks on their faces were enough for Salman to understand that the food was not delivered to them.

After coming to know about this, Salman Khan slammed the makers of the show since they had disrespected him by not sending the food inside.



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