Horror movies which were banned, find a reason!

Of all genres of cinema, Horror is considered to be most spine-chilling, terrifying and most entertaining one. Horror movies are released every now and then which makes the viewers undergo an enthralling experience. But some of the movies reach such a level in which they need to be prohibited from release. Here is a compiled list of some famous Horror films and the reasons due to which were banned.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre is prohibited in 10 countries. The reason for the ban lies in the story which can give goosebumps to anybody. The movie is based on a guy who was called ‘Leatherface’ and the murders done by him. He used to wear masks which were made by the skins of the individuals which he slaughtered down. Ain’t this horrifying?


This horror film inflicted itself with a wave of bans in around 40 countries. This terrifying movie depicted diversified ways to die and tortures. The movie was composed of real-life news clippings and reels which featured deepest and darkest imaginations and explicit scenes.


This movie features young girls who are under demonic possession. To fix the situation, priests and holy men are asked to save the girl from this unfortunate situation. This movie was banned in the UK because it depicted masturbation with crucifix, subliminal messages and disturbing views on sex.


Cannibal Holocaust is the ‘footage horror’ film that was filmed in the Amazon. It had the maneater tribe hiding deep in the forests. This movie contained extremely explicit scenes like impaling of a woman on a wooden stand. After 10 days of release, this movie was prohibited from further shows.


Released in the year 1981, this movie was banned in the UK till 1999 and the released film wasn’t the original one. In the movie, the protagonist who is married to a spy transforms into an insane woman with characteristics of being possessed by demons. The lead actress of the movie was awarded best actress award at the Cannes festival.


Taking further its predecessor, this movie is surely one of the most horrific, and mind devastating. The plot of the movie features a crazy man who is determined by creating a human centipede comprising of 12 individuals. This insane movie has a disturbing scene in which a woman is tortured by male genital wrapped in a wire. Now you can understand the reasons for the prohibition.


A young boy who has bad memories related to Santa Claus grows up and becomes a serial killer who murders individuals in dress up of Santa. The movie was banned because the parents objected that it gave a very wrong depiction of Santa Claus in minds of young children.

These bans and the controversies show the level to which this evergreen genre can reach up to. Undoubtedly this is the best movie genre. Thinking of watching a horror movie? Go for it!

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