Hate story 4

Cast- Urvashi Rautela, Vivaan Bhathena, Karan Wahi, Ihaana Dhillon

Director- Vishal Pandya

Hate story 4 is the installment of the franchise started in 2012 i.e. Hate Story. Previous three were a complete drama of betrayal, revenge , vengeance and lust. Hate story 4 was expected to be similar and indeed it is with a difference that it is based on a true story.

Urvashi Rautela is playing the role of a supermodel in the movie and she is the lead. If I say that the crowd was interested in this movie only because of sizzling actress Urvashi Rautela then that would be fully justified. Because people now do not watch movie just for entertainment but for the the best of it and so if this movie had an excitement in the public that could be only because of the bold scenes in the movie and hot looks of actress.

The story revolves around a kind of love triangle, which is actually not a triangle because Taasha (Urvashi Rautela) has her own reasons to play love. She is a low profile bar dancer in London and aspires to be a supermodel. Rajbvir (Karan wahi) is a professional photographer, and he is searching a for new face for a tourism campaign for vikram khurana’s (Gulshan grover)company. He recommends Tassha for being the modal. Rajvir secretly falls in love with her. Rajvir’s brother Aryan( Vivan Bhatena) is in love with Rishma(ilhaana dhillon) but after meeting Taasha, he starts falling for her while knowing about his brothers affection. And from here starts thestory of erotic revenge which takes audience through complex relationships, hatred, reprisal and undefined love with jealousy.

This movie revolves around Urvashi rautela(Taasha) in this female centric revenge story which is based on real incident. Urvashi mentioned in her interviews for this movie that she was excited while shooting in London as she was in a strong character.

First Look of Urvashi in Hate Story 4

As per the audience, it was an average one-time watch movie because it had all the same story of love and revenge.Urvashi Rautela’s bold moves kept the movie going. Few songs from past were remake in the movie like Ashiq banaya and Urvashi performed it really well.

Hate story 4 might be a turning point of Urvashi Rautela’s career but it was nothing more than a romantic thriller like many other bollywood movies.

Cast at release

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