Get Well Soon, Manish Paul!

Manish Paul was rushed to the Kokilaben Ambani Hospital early morning due to his shoulder injury. He injured himself last month during the shoot of his upcoming film 'Baa Baa Blacksheep'. Manish had to jump from 15 feet for a particular scene in the film. But, unfortunately after jumping he landed on his shoulder and this led to a severe injury to his limb. Since the actor was piled up with work commitments, he didn't opt for the surgery and was surviving on pain killers.

But, this morning the pain became unbearable and he was rushed to the hospital. After various tests the doctor advised him surgery. Doctors have advised him complete bed rest after the surgery.

According to a report published in indiaforums, a source revealed “Manish has been in excruciating pain ever since the injury. Since it was a major action shot that was filmed in different sequences, Manish didn’t want to stop and continued shooting after having a few painkillers. He understands that he will require bed rest for a couple of days after the surgery and hence has kept it on hold. In fact he has also been working out religiously to maintain his physique for the film”.
And Manish also added that, “I have to undergo the surgery for my shoulder. I had to delay the procedure due to my professional commitments, as I am shooting for my film right now. If I had not delayed the surgery, we would have had to hold the film shoot. So, I thought I will first finish my work, and then get the surgery done.”

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