Five movies that got banned by censor board.

When you talk about production of movies , I would say we stand first in the world. When you specifically point out India being a hub for movie production , the total fame goes to Bollywood. Do you agree ? When focusing on movies there are hits , flops and moderate but few movies ,gets banned before hitting the screen. Movie of religion riot , banned ! Movie of religious taboo , banned ! Movie of gender identity , banned ! Movie of erotic content , banned ! Banned ! Banned ! Here are five movies which was banned by censor board –

1. Unfreedom

A recent movie to join the list of banned movies , Unfreedom highlights the modern day trend which talks about the lesbian love story twisted with Islamic terrorism. Off course , there are two issues which is considered to be taboo which made the members censor it. The nudity and love making scene puts it straight into the list. The movie was accused of "igniting unnatural passions" , expect for few states , the movie release was banned in India.

2. Dazed in Doon

The plot revolves around a boy who is studying in a respected school Doon and his life over there. Soon is one of the prestigious school of the country. The movie headed towards banned list because the school felt it had spoilt their fame.

3. Gandu

Yes you read it right ! But it’s not what it means. The movie revolves around musical concept which got banned for its nudity and oral sex also 'defied Indian sensibilities'.

4. Sins

It’s about a Kerala priest and his erotic journey , the movie is filled with his struggle with the norms of the society. But Catholics were against the movie , as it was showcasing their view in a wrong manner ,even censor board too. The movie had lots of buzz created due to its nudity scene which pushes it straight away to banned list.

5. Kamasutra - A Tale Of Love

Movie which saw its release in the year 1996 , which termed it 'explicit', 'unethical' and 'immoral' for the audiences of the nation as it had concept of Kamasutra. It revolves around the life of four lovers in the 16th century which was a huge critical acclaimed but was banned !

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