GAME OF THRONES. This is the one show that has the entire world going mad. Every one out of one person watches the show, if not read those books.

So, are you a diehard GOT fan?
Or, you just like watching it because everyone else does it?

If you do like the show, today, we are presenting you with some rare and unknown things you MAY not have heard about the show or the book or a combination of the two.

Let us begin.

  • There is another pilot different from the one that the rest of the world saw. I am talking about the one that producers cancelled because it failed to show some very basic points.
  • Peter Dinklage got pranked By David Benioff and thought that the show had been cancelled after the pilot. He learnt the truth 6 hours later.
  • Dothraki is REAL. As from 2014, this has been real and if you want to jabber something in the way Daenerys does, do take the course!
  • Daenerys originally DID have violet eyes. Yes, even in the show, she wore violet contact lenses, if you failed to observe. (Along with her brother) Though it was only after the producers’ advice that she took them off.
  • GRRM had the show runners to take a guess as to who was Jon Snow’s mother. That’s right. And they told him that they already had a two-hour discussion on it.
  • IAN WHYTE HAS PLAYED FOUR CHARACTERS! In seasons 1 and 2, he was a White Walker, in season 3, he was an unnamed giant. In season 2  yet again, he played Gregor Clegane and in season 5, he was Wun Wun, the Wilding Giant.
  • It is the most illegally downloaded show for the last, wait for it, FOUR YEARS! In fact, sources show that the download rates have been going faster and more than twice than The Walking Dead.

So, folks, that’s all in the world of Seven Kingdoms today.

The Dragon approaches. The Wolf kills. The Seer knows and above all, the queen rules.

This is Game of Thrones. You win or you die.


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