5 best android games you can play without an internet connection

1. Badland

A visually stunning, physics-based platformer, Badlands strikes the dart on the bull’s-eye as it marvels different genres of gaming in a single platform. The escapist music of the game will give you something more to hold onto it for a little longer.

2. Spider Man Unlimited

A lot of Spider-man games are available on the Google Play-Store, but not any of them stand as high as this mix of endless-runner and action game. Swinging in the city would never feel as cool as in this one.

3. Shadow Fight 2

A single picture with the in-game graphics of the game wouldn’t feel so appealing but as soon as you’ll get the hold of this action-fighting game, you’ll hardly let go as the controls are highly responsive with real-looking moves.

4. Angry Birds Star Wars 2

With the release of its recent movie, the Angry Bird franchise has gained a lot of popularity, which has lead at least a single angry bird game to be present on everyone’s mobile phone. Although the Star Wars sequel raised the bars of enjoyment the game usually provided with a unique set of super powers.

5. Dumb Ways to Die 2

Dying wouldn’t ever have been felt as satisfying in this game which with its humorous tinge adds a flavor to the game which is hardly found in any other. You’ll be swiping and tapping throughout the game just to find how to kill the character in a “dumb” way that is awfully creative.

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