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What is WAT ??

Word Association Test is another projective method used by the psychologist in order to unearth one's personality. WAT, in fact, is a test of creativity and imagination. Through this technique the psychologist examines the four attributes of psychology i.e. behavior, motivation, cognition and attention. WAT proves to be very beneficial in determining the attitude and emotional feelings of the candidate because it represents the natural thought process of the candidate i.e. WAT seeks the very first thought which comes to the mind of the candidate on seeing a word.


What to do in WAT ??

In WAT, a series of 60 words is shown to the candidate one by one on the projector and he is asked to form a meaningful sentence. Each word is shown for 15 secs and within this time limit, the candidate first has to see the word and then he has to record his thought in the form of a meaningful sentence.



Total time duration of test is 15 mins & 15 secs.

60 words are shown one after another.

Time for each word is fifteen seconds.

There is a 4-fold action performed within 15 seconds :- Look at the word; Think of the first idea that comes to your mind; Create a complete sentence based upon first idea and finally Write the sentence against the correct word number..



Worth Noting Point

There is a logical reason behind giving such a short time span for each words. In WAT, the intention of the psychologist is to know the imagination, creativity and basic nature of the candidate. In order to fulfill his aim, a time constraint is put on the mind of the candidate which leads to the first spontaneous reaction which comes to the mind of the candidate on seeing the word. This spontaneous reaction gives the true picture of one's personality which is required by the psychologist in order to judge the candidate's personality.

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Before moving directly onto the action plan you must know the following :-

The words shown to the candidate are of two categories :-

Positive Words: Good, Love, Intelligent, etc.

Negative Words: Evil, Hatred, Dull, etc.

Similarly there are two types of sentences which are as under :-

A Light Weight Sentence

A light weight sentence is the ordinary one, routine in nature and has no meaning to any of the OLQs.

For e.g. : He is the student of this school.

A Heavy Weight Sentence

A heavy weight sentence is significant in nature and has meaning with regards to the OLQs.

For e.g. : He is an ambitious, punctual and intelligent student of this school.


With respect to the two categories of words mentioned above, there is a different action plan or a different way of handling the two categories. These are as under :-


Action Plan for POSITIVE WORDS

For handling the words of this category there are two methods which are as under :-

TPSN Method

TPSN stands for Third Person Singular Number (Commander, engineer, sportsman). In this method the starting word of sentence is TPSN followed by original word which is then followed by other words to complete the sentence. Also you can use the original word in any part of speech of the english grammer. For e.g. : The word love can be used as loving, lovable, lovingly, lovably, etc to increase the ambit or scope of the candidate.

For e.g. : LOVE - A commander loves his soldiers like his own kith and kin.

Moreover, you can make heavy weight sentences by qualifying the TPSN with suitable adjectives such as energetic sportsman, efficient engineer, etc.

For e.g. : LOVE - A good commander loves his soldiers like his own kith and kin.


Marvelous Trick :-

TPSN + OW (original word) + Other words (to complete the sentence)

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Role Play Method

This is a more effective method than the TPSN method. This method unearths the higher mental level and innovation of the candidate. In this method the starting word is the original word and then start showing the role in positive sense, and finally followed by other words doing something positive.

For e.g. : LOVE - Love softens human relationship.

Explanation of the e.g. : In the above example the sentence starts with the original word 'love' and then its role has been explained in a positive sense i.e. it softens the relationship.

Note :-

Using Role Play method for the formation of the sentences proves to be very beneficial as it represents various OLQs such as cooperation, intelligence, courage, etc. Moreover the sentences which are formed using role play method are the heavy weight sentences.


Marvelous Trick :-

OW (original word) + Other words (to complete the sentence)

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Action Plan for NEGATIVE WORDS

While dealing with the negative words you have to work like a doctor. As we know that whenever a patient goes to doctor for treatment, doctor gives the antibodies in order to cure the disease. Similarly here also you have to bypass the negativity of the negative word and use them in such a way that it convey a positive meaning. So, for handling this category of words there are two methods which are as under :-

Denial Method

In denial method the starting word is TPSN followed by denial word (no,not,never,etc) which is then followed by original word and finally followed by other words to complete the sentence. Denial method is exactly similar to the TPSN method, but the only variation is that, in the denial method there is the addition of denial word.


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Denial method works on a simple principle i.e. :-

(-x) + (-y) = +z -----------------------> 1


'-' : minus sign represents the negativity of a word.

'+': plus sign represents the positivity of a word.

'x': variable 'x' represents the denial word.

'y': variable 'y' represents the original word.

'z': variable 'z' represents the combination of 'x' & 'y' i.e. it reflects positive vibrations.

Equation no. 1 is a valid equation because addition of two negative quantities yield a positive quantity. Hence the denial method works on this simple principle.


For e.g. : Hate - A studious child never hates books.


Marvelous Trick :-

TPSN + DW (denial word) + OW (original word) + Other words (to complete the sentence)

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Remedial Method

Remedial method is the one in which the candidate has to provide treatment to the negative words so as to bypass its negativity. To give you a clear picture of this method, consider an example, a depressed person comes to you in a hope of getting something from you so as to bypass his depression. You as an individual will going to motivate him so as to bypass his depression. So, now you clearly see that here the problem is depression and its remedy is motivation. Likewise you have to handle other negative words using remedial method.

In this method the sentence begins with remedial word followed by a 'purpose' (such as - removes, controls, etc) and finally followed by the original word.

For e.g. : Depression - Motivation removes depression.


Marvelous Trick :-

RW (remedial word) + PURPOSE (remove, control, etc) + OW (original word)

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Write the sentences in present tense.

Handwriting should be neat and clean without any cutting and overwriting.

Write simple and brief sentences to save time.

Sentences formed by the candidate should reflect positive vibrations.

Write a complete sentence, it shows clarity of idea and self confidence.





Do not write the words before sentences, write the sentence straight away against the correct no.

Do not use exclamatory sentences (Exclamatory sentence express strong emotion. It ends with an exclamation mark).

Do not use imperative words (imperative words are used to give orders, commands, warning or instructions).

Do not use future and past tense.

Do not use proverbs, idioms, quotations.

Do not form a sentence showing negative vibration.

Do not use words like may, could, should, try, soon, etc.

Do not miss any word, it shows lack of idea.



Piece of Advice

In case of any word you feel that you are not able to make a heavy weight sentence then it is advisable to write a light weight sentence and move on to the next word.





+2 #15 arunpandi 2013-01-14 18:19
Great post, best one. I think little practice by keeping this point in mind really helps to score good in WAT. There is a small error, addition of two negative quantities gives only the negative not positive, i think author mean "multiplication".
Thanks for the info bye
-2 #14 manish richhariya 2012-04-21 23:27
i like ur idea to making wat simple .thanks
-1 #13 shivan 2012-01-22 20:48
thanx 4 the guidance...It is really helpful...great work....
after going thru this the idea about WAT will be crystal clear...
-3 #12 2011-06-09 13:40
this was nice
-1 #11 2011-06-08 23:01
Quoting jits:
Your stuff is really excellent but i would have been better if you had provided some e-book related to th exercise.

E-Book. no specific e-book available for ssb, also you can get all details about ssb and various techniques in this blog. ssbinterview-indianarmy.blogspot.com . check and tell your suggestions
-1 #10 2011-06-08 22:59
Quoting jits:
Your stuff is really excellent but i would have been better if you had provided some e-book related to th exercise.

Ya if you want word lists to practice for ssb then click here ssbinterview-indianarmy.blogspot.com
-2 #9 2011-05-12 05:26
Your stuff is really excellent but i would have been better if you had provided some e-book related to th exercise.
-2 #8 2011-04-27 16:26
sir the whole idea is awesome and anyone can have a clear picture of the said test ....... plz tell me if u have any institute in kolkata... mah email add is abhifun65 @gmail.com.i will be very grateful to u if u can help me in any manner . i can not join the seminar as mah exams are started on 23rd may. thank u..............
-1 #7 2011-04-11 21:37
Awesome stuff, this is only best place where you can get to know each and every selection test along with great tips and tricks to crack it successfully. explainoexpo, guys you are doing mindblowing job for many aspirants like me, hats off to your whole team and their hardwork
-1 #6 2011-03-01 12:51
this is amazing .............thanks for giving great advisable content.........

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